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Faber’s ‘The Laws of the Ring’ more than just MMA

by Nitesh Dutt, June 29, 2012

As the UFC, and mixed martial arts as a whole, continues to grow and become a part of mainstream America there are stories that need to be told. Whether it is by book or film, these stories usually tell how someone became the fighter that he/she is. It is rare that a fighter shares the stories of their childhood and what events have led them to be the person they are. Team Alpha Male’s Urijah Faber is that rare fighter.

As one of the pioneers of the lighter divisions, Faber is a beloved yet polarizing figure in MMA. From his days in the WEC to climbing the mountain in the UFC, Faber has seen and done more than you or I could ever imagine. But that’s not what his book, The Laws of the Ring, is about.

Faber not only takes readers back to his first fight but even further. He details his life in a way that allows readers to grasp who he truly is as a person. From a childhood split between two homes, to life as a teenager in Lincoln, CA., to becoming the public figure he is today, there is no detail Faber leaves behind.

The Laws of the Ring isn’t all about the life of “The California Kid”, it is also a motivational book. Faber lends readers advice on how to achieve goals and live out one’s passions and dreams. He finds the perfect balance of auto-biography, self-help and storytelling. Readers aren’t overwhelmed with Faber’s “overbearing” positivity, but are introduced to every side of his personality and how he’s become the beloved fighter and figure he is today.

The whole book, which is written by Faber along with help from Tim Keown, isn’t solely about Faber. He introduces other characters from his life. From family members to friends to fellow TAM members, Faber has an unique story for all he mentions in his book.

For those looking for a book about one of the great personalities in MMA that is more life-oriented than sport, Faber’s The Laws of the Ring is the perfect book.

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