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Eye Injury Forces Mikkel Kessler Out Of Super Six World Boxing Classic

by Sharon Sanghera, August 25, 2010


Eye Injury Forces Mikkel Kessler Out

Of Super Six World Boxing Classic

Ken Hershman of SHOWTIME® Vows The Tournament Will Continue


that WBC Super Middleweight Champion Mikkel Kessler has been forced to pull out of the Super

Six World Boxing Classic due to an eye injury. His title defence against Allan Green in Herning,

Denmark on September 25 has been cancelled.

“This is the most disappointing moment of my boxing career,” Kessler said. “After defeating Carl

Froch, I was on the way to win the tournament, so pulling out now really hurts. The eye problem has

bothered me since the beginning of the Super Six in my preparation for the bout against Andre

Ward. It also bothered me in the fights against Ward and Froch, and in my training for the fight

against Green it has become unbearable. I have consulted leading experts in Denmark and

Germany and they have advised me to take a break from boxing so that the problem can heal. I

have been assured that it will heal completely and that I will be back in the ring next year. As a fair

sportsman, I do not want to delay the Super Six, which is still the best thing that has happened to

boxing for a long time. I wish my fellow contestants the best of luck – may the best man win. I will be

there to fight the winner in 2011.”

SHOWTIME Sports Executive Vice President Ken Hershman expresses his disappointment for

Kessler but assures the boxing fans around the world that the tournament will go on.

“I commend Mikkel Kessler for his decision,” said Hershman. “He has made a wise choice in light of

his doctors’ recommendations and he is showing tremendous respect for his fellow competitors and

for the tournament format itself.

“We will publicly address how this turn of events affects the tournament in the coming days. I

assure you we will make the best of this scenario. In fact, I have been aware of Mikkel’s situation for

a few days and I have a vision for how we can proceed that will enhance the excitement of the

tournament. First, I must have some internal discussions but mark my words, the drama of the

Super Six will be unrelenting and we will crown a champion in the early part of 2011.”

Promoter Kalle Sauerland said Kessler did “absolutely the right thing.” He stated: “You can recover

from losing in the ring but you cannot recover from losing your health. There is nothing that is of

bigger importance than the boxer´s health. As much as we regret to see Mikkel pulling out, he was

left with no other choice. He should take all the time in the world to recover. He can take comfort in

the fact that he looked reborn in his last bout. Once he is recovered, he will continue where he left

off. The Viking Warrior will be back.”

Added Team Sauerland General Manager Chris Meyer. “We are saddened to see Mikkel pulling out

but his health is more important than anything he could win inside the ring. The WBC will probably

make him “champion emeritus” so that he can fight against the reigning champion once he is ready

to come back.”

Highly-reputed eye specialist Professor Dr. med Gerhard Lang, who is the Director of the Eye

Hospital at Universitätsklinikum Ulm and also served as the 2010 World Ophthalmology Congress

President, examined Kessler and believes a proper rest is all the “Viking Warrior” needs. “Mikkel

said he has been bothered by problems with his vision during the fights against Ward and Froch as

well as in the training in the build-up to these fights. There is a weakness of the superior oblique

muscle of his left eye. To continue boxing, the muscle needs a proper rest, meaning no fighting or

sparring for nine months. After this break, a complete recovery is expected.”

For information on all SHOWTIME Sports telecasts, including exclusive behind-the-scenes video

and photo galleries from its events and complete information on the Super Six World Boxing

Classic, please visit the website at

(Aug. 25, 2010) – Team Sauerland regrets to inform the boxing world


The inaugural Super Six World Boxing Classic is a ground-breaking, six-fighter tournament from SHOWTIME Sports®

featuring the class of the super middleweight (168-pound) division from around the world. All bouts in the Super Six

tournament will be contested under the Unified Rules of Boxing. Each boxer fights three bouts against different opponents

in the field in the points-based Group Stage of competition (Win – 2 pts with a 1-pt bonus for KO/TKO; Loss – 0 pts; Draw

– 1 pt.). After the Group Stage, the four fighters with the highest point totals will advance to the single-elimination Semi-

Finals. The winners of the Semi-Final bouts will advance to the Finals and fight for the inaugural Super Six World Boxing

Classic trophy.

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