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Diaz Not a No-Show in Parallel Universe

by Nitesh Dutt, October 28, 2011

Parallel universe: a theory that there is a mirror universe and when one makes a decision in this universe, an alternate ‘you’ in the other universe makes the opposite decision. (

Why is parallel universe being defined in an MMA article? Simple answer. Let us take a look at how the UFC 137 main event would have played out if Nick Diaz had caught his flights to Toronto and Las Vegas and had been at the press conferences.

By now we all know the real reason Diaz never showed for those dates and was pulled out of his fight against UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre. We know he didn’t want to shoot the commercial the UFC had planned, because it looked too similar to the GSP vs. Jake Shields commercial. But, what if Diaz liked the idea and decided to show up? What if he was in Carlos Condit’s place right now?

In this parallel universe, Diaz was going into the final two weeks before his UFC 137 title bout still preparing for his tilt with GSP. Just days before the final weekend, GSP injures in his knee in training and leaves Diaz without an opponent.

Rather then sit out and wait for GSP to get healthy, Diaz decides to stay on the card and take on any welterweight that Dana White and Joe Silva place in front of him. The possibility of either Condit or B.J. Penn being his opponent is high and it is what would most likely be decided – since Condit was chosen to replace Diaz in this universe, we’ll replace St. Pierre with him in this alternate universe.

The new UFC 137 main event is Diaz vs. Condit in what is now dubbed as a number one’s contender match. Elsewhere with Penn now searching for an opponent, where would White turn? Possibly, Josh Koscheck or maybe another deserving welterweight.

With the parallel universe unknown to any of us in this universe, we do not know if such a world exists or such things took place. What we do know is that UFC 137 was originally slated to be Diaz vs. GSP for the welterweight title, but after changes and injuries it is Diaz vs. Penn in a non-title main event.

Something tells me that fans, fighters and even media would enjoy this other universe more-so than the one we are all in. There is still an interesting match-up headlining this weekend’s UFC pay-per-view, but will it be the one that can rock the UFC universe?

Would GSP's injury have been as big a deal if Nick Diaz had shown up to press conferences? (AP)

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