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Diaz calls out, and gets, GSP

by Nitesh Dutt, October 31, 2011

Nick Diaz's performance over BJ Penn earned him a title shot against Georges St. Pierre. (AP)

I am quite certain that Georges St. Pierre has been said to be many things in his mixed martial arts career. I’m even more certain that one of those things has never been “afraid”.

That was until this past Saturday night’s UFC card.

It was Nick Diaz that called out the welterweight champion in a way that left many fans, and reporters, shocked. Not because it was to be unexpected from Diaz, I mean he’s Nick Diaz you SHOULD expect that from him, but because very few have had the gall to openly question St. Pierre’s courage and ability.

Those who aren’t fans of Diaz don’t really believe he deserves a title shot and that view was hardened after his comments, but Dana White listens to his fighters. And with an agitated GSP more than willing to fight Diaz, White made the match.

What should have been the main event at UFC 137 is now the main event for Super Bowl weekend. These two have been on a collision course for quite some time and now fans will finally be getting the welterweight fight they’ve longed for.

What happened to Carlos Condit though? Glad you asked.

There are two stories as to what happened. One version has it that White contacted Condit and asked him to step aside and wait for his shot until after Diaz vs. GSP happened. Condit’s manager, who said that his client did not agree to step aside for anyone, contradicts that version. Not sure which is actually true, but I’ll go with White’s version of it.

I’m sure that the Condit matter will come to fruition sometime soon, but for now fight fans have about four three months to salivate over GSP-Diaz. If the past several months leading up to 137 thought fans anything, it is to not assume what you believe will happen.

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